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design--afp-fire-protectionFire Sprinkler Installation & Design

From commercial businesses and residential homes to restaurants and data centers, AFP Fire Protection designs and installs fire sprinkler systems best suited for your individual fire safety needs. No matter how complex the fire sprinkler design is, our experienced fire safety team will do everything we can to protect you from a fire.

When you choose us for your fire sprinkler installation, you are not getting standard fire sprinkler service from a regular fire protection company. Our fire protection company has been specializing in fire sprinkler systems for over 42 years, so not only will you get the quality attention you deserve, but you’ll also get superior fire sprinkler service.

At AFP Fire Protection, we ensure your fire sprinkler and pump systems are working from the very start and can provide the services you need to keep your fire sprinklers in top shape—all day, every day. If you live or work in Arizona, California, Colorado or New Mexico, contact AFP Fire Protection. today and let our fire protection professionals design and install a fire sprinkler system that’s perfect for your fire safety needs. Whether you need one sprinkler head or one hundred, we can help keep you protected 24/7.





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